Chains Of Fear

Within this prison of romance
my soul's now bound by chains of fear.
No longer will it seize the chance
to let a kindred spirit near.

For once inside, a fire he'll light
and spark the flame of love anew.
His passion-beacon burning bright
misleads me from the path that's true.

I'll fall beneath enticement's spell,
entranced by rapture's soothing voice.
He'll slowly raise me from my hell;
emotions soar without a choice.

As newfound joy brings with it hope,
the clouds of darkness soon descend.
In storms of tears I'm left to cope
with dreams of love that never end.

A misconception on my part?
Perhaps I read the signals wrong.
Now, victim to a broken-heart
instead of singing amour's song.

Yet still this kindred soul I'll need;
he's been my confidant and friend.
So from a distance I'll proceed
to loose the chains and start to mend.

by Jo Lynn Ehnes

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