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Chairman Miaow

Stealthy, silent, sleek in darkness
Fluid feline's fearless progress
Patrolling, probing, paws with flick knives
Agile, adept, armed with nine lives

Domesticated yet one step from wild
Hunts to kill, then plays like a child
Explosive reflex, power and grace
Laser sharp eyes pare through space

A territorial dispute erupts
A flurry of flying fur in tufts
A chilling howl, a scream of pain
The vanquished flees, victor remains

Dawn brings her to the back door
With feathered gift upon the floor
She's looking up as if to say
'Here's my good deed for the day'

With door ajar she squeezes in
Heads for her dish and food therein
And then a day of sweet repose
To wait for night time's veil to close

by Esra Sloblock

Comments (7)

This is an awesome poem, cats are my favourite animals. Keep up the good work xoxo
Best cat poem ever! As they say, dogs have masters, cats have staff.
I love this poem about Chairman Miaow. It reminds me of the cats we had when I was growing up, they were always leaving gifts on the backstep then would laze around all day till nightfall and once again they were on the prowl. Enjoyed with a smile. All the best, Diane
Well Esra,6 poems in and you've already put a great big smile on my face. I'll be reading more very soon. Hugs Anna xxx
Is Chairman Miaow the name of your cat? I think it is a cool name. Excellent poem Esra, well deserving of a ten.
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