Challenge And Intrigue

If not for challenge and intrigue,
An interest in the opposite sex...
Would get,
The same response...
From someone who craves,
But regrets eating less...
Just to please another who teases.

Frequently makes promises,
That if a few pounds were lost...
And found to keep as one's mission,
A world would rock.
And no Earthquake could stop,
Two to do a knocking of boots.

'You have potential.
If you know what I mean? '

What do you mean? ~

'I would like to assist,
In you receiving every bit of it...
When I begin to recognize the time is 'ripe',
Tight and firm.'


And just like a good neighbor,
Both of us together...
Will know what it takes,
To get down and dirty...
With a weeding that will harvest,
Some good stuff.'

OH my.~

'Don't get nervous.
I'll be at your service,
Whenever your need for me...
Enjoy your cake.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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