Something obsessed...
That has to be possessed.
And It can not be obtained too easily,
Or it will quickly be left like the rest!

It has to be tested
To ensure it's complex.
There has to be a struggle to get it...
Or it becomes a challenge,
Considered not the best one done
To test and satisfy as one can get!
These things are tricky to predict and forget!

But when a challenge comes...
And there's possible fun attached,
That's the one that traps!
And one enjoys!
Be about 'your' business...
And the challenge you choose,
Will be the one you can say you've won!
With no inner 'blues' to share with anyone.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

Wonderful work, as always! Love this poem!
Nice idea to write a poem about such a thing in life, too, about Challenge. And it's quite neatly expressed, for that matter.