Poem By JUSTIN W Price

(dedicated to the 7 crew members of that tragic shuttle mission)

On television, the rocket ascended forcefully towards Heaven.
There’s a teacher on there, mother told me.
Like your kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Clark.
With the astronauts.
She’s going to heaven?
I asked.
No. She’s going to explore space
and talk to her students from there.
I watched my parents embrace, heard them cheer,
as the rocket soared higher and higher, a black outline disappearing into the blue sky.

And then I saw a small flame.
A puff of smoke.
A blast of smoke. And then
an engulfing. Look, mom. It’s on fire!
I clapped my little hands, and giggled thinking this
was the desired result.
My father stood, with mouth agape.
Mother shrieked as debris plummeted
away from Heaven.

Later, upon seeing the pictures
of the teacher and the astronauts on television, I asked
how they made them look alive.
Did they use strings like puppets to make them stand up and fish hooks
to hold open their eyes and
make them smile?

Comments about Challenger

What a nice poem is it! Nice words have been used in the poem. The quality of the poem is in its flow, the texture of the poem is knitted well, the theme is fantastic, a very good image has been created.The another quality of the poem is its mystic music. It is a great poem.I like the poem; I enjoyed it while reading. I am giving you 100/100..Keep it up. And at last I like to thank you for sharing this superb poem among us.

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