Patterns of agreement,
Gold. Amber. Ivory. Ink.
Performance. Accommodating.
The darkest truth in umber,
Then brilliant turquoise,
Stale white. The chameleon,
A social animal, pleasant.
Lost beneath the burgundy of
Opinions, polite politicians,
Smiling egos. Highness.
The smiling chameleon,
The sister of peace. Among the glittering
Pleasantry of natural jewels
Decked about her speakers
She lounges on their art, smiling,
Invisible, invincible. Imitating
The shifting opals of their conversation.
Imitating a reflection of their respect.

by Masiela Lusha

Comments (1)

Masiela, I love the concept. Unfortunately, in today's society, chameleons do make the best socialites, even if they are really just an ever changing imitation of the real thing. Brian