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There is a lot about me you choose not to see..
Instead you turn away.
You try to play god
You label me
'she is just like the rest'
You say..

What you don't know but eventually will
Goes beyond what the eye can see...

There is depth to my soul
A place you should go
And I'm determined to take you with me..

When looking around
I seem dumb found..
Why can't you figure it out?
You are just like me
Your soul longs to be free
I believe in this without doubt..

So open your mind
Take my hand
Hold tightly
I'll show you the way...

Oh the beaty you'll find
Just leave the past behind
Your freedom is born today..

With every new dawn
You'll wake with a yawn
You'll stretch as you open your eyes..

All the negative is gone
Your heart has moved on..

You took a chance and it changed your life.......

Written by,
Lisa Elaine Chapman

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