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A Brave And Startling Truth
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A Brave And Startling Truth

Poem By Maya Angelou

the eye sees
mathematics-coordinates computed
chance takes over
that's me -a voyeur
seeking shape in all its forms
flesh and bone structure
salt swamps silicon valleys
the lapping of tongues
with no specific language
just a flicker
its worth it all.

are you done, darling?
forever is where i've just arrived
unkempt brazen sexual animal

are you into porn gyms
don't stretch, break -a-bone
half yourself into acrobatic circuses
orgasms of delight.Remember boundaries
we are decent people.

touch me here
words stand up-ready?

our volcanoes
are locked up in traditional
cages, awaiting escape
flutter free.

Is this where geometric shape
take its chance.

How much? Travelers Cheques
are a decade old
I have a flight to catch!
Whats your name?
Ok! Forget it?

Author Notes

'I just took my mind back from the gutter for this cumpetition'
© Marshall Gass. All rights reserved, a month ago

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