Chance And Change

For one ruined in love, the old status quo
Offers comfort of a kind tho' cold.
Suffering neglect, your heart is a wreck,
Yet one's vow demands payment of debt.

Honorbound to see old promises through,
Despite the cost and the loss, you do.
For years it's been wrong, and forever's so long,
Wanting to be held, to be known, to belong.

Chances to let go, to be free and to know
How good it feels as love flowers and grows
Have come and gone just as dusk chases dawn,
Like pretty dreams light a world dark and wan.

Change is a Chance taken - - not another need
Forsaken to spare one whose tight heart will bleed.
Don't fear that long leap o'er the abyss of trust,
Just close your eyes... life without love is but dust.

by Esther Leclerc

Comments (15)

Beautiful. Reads very smoothly. I enjoyed all the rhymes within the lines with the ending words.
Your accomplished writing belies the impression created by your biographical information that you cannot write poetry - a very wise observation beautifully presented! Kind regards, Margaret.
I could hedge around this one all day, because knowing what the heart wants is a truly tricky business. Sometimes you have to cross the threshold to discover it, and often the result is a shocking surprise. But for those who know where their heart lies, or who are enduring this kind of situation, this very finely crafted poem offers the soundest advice. xx jim
Somewhere, I once read that 'the more things change, the more they stay the same.' And truth be told, we settle for the boredom of what we know, and long for the unknown (or faintly remembered!) We long for love that was, and settle for the love that is (forgetting that the two are one and the same, only different.) Well written, Little Spirit.
Straight from the page to my heart - you got me! Hugs Anna xxx
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