(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Chance Encounter

So, come look at me,
let me breathe in your sweetness,
as I marvel at beauty that should not exist.
As you dance with me
in the wind and the weather,
I will hold both your hands.
Will this keep us together?
I will love both your eyes
and caress your sweet face,
smell your hair and then kiss it,
all this beauty of lace.
I don't know how to act
and I'm just a dumb guy.
If I just could be yours
I would never say 'Bye'.
As we dance in the wind
and the moonlight tonight,
I am not in this world,
I'm on a space flight.

All my fibres now hum,
all my senses alert.
As you hold my big drum
as you don't say a word.
I would never have dreamed
that such love could exist.
On the journey of life
I have often been kissed.
Yet it pales into naught
what my soul has been given,
first I dreamed, then I thought
and my actions were driven.
Now the moon is retreating
behind a big cloud,
he is watching this meeting
of a Pom and a Kraut.

We are breathless and flushed
but we dance even faster.
now the forest is hushed
by decree of its master.
And we hold and we tangle,
our limbs do the talking,
as we try ev'ry angle
wildly dancing - not walking.
But at last we must stop
and like children we giggle,
as we lean on each other,
as YOU do a last wiggle.
Now we look at each other,
our eyes at full lock.
And I know I would rather
stay like this, bless my luck.

Our hands are quite sweaty,
our pulses are racing,
as we cuddle quite frozen,
as we're silently facing.
And the forest is quiet,
there's really no sound.
As no man can define it
what the two of us found.

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Comments (3)

Now this is beautiful Herbert! Almost so romantic it was dizzying....... I loved this one! sincerely, Mary
So wonderful Herbert!
What a beautiful, mutual Waltz, Herbert.