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Chance Encounter Or God Winks

Under the spell of The Colonel
whose life is stronger
than death's portent,
I met her.

Fell instantly in love.

a very attractive woman -
teacher -
who served me,
her pumpkin bread
prepared for the class,
entwined silver band
upon a left ring finger.

I could not be less
than her,
etiquette in church
is binding.

I took the glance
from her electronics
and her pumpkin bread
said ‘thank you'
tried not to betray
the deeper passion of the moment
that stirred within as I quick scampered
for the door
without so much
as thank you
or fair well.

A promise to keep.
Circle of gold
upon my own
left finger.

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Don't quite understand the title, but I do like the poem. Thanks for sharing.