Chance Meeting Conversation (I.E.-Lecture)

I gave you opportunities,
but, you didn't seem to care,
your party life was all that counted,
you were living life impaired.

Your friends didn't seem to matter much,
as long as you were ' High',
your life was like a bother,
and you were living to get by.

You say 200 years from now,
who will really care,
if you grab the ball and run with it,
or leave it lying there?

Fun is all that counts today,
there will always be another way,
and another point of view,
... for me and you.

Today you are successful,
you say part of that is me,
just like you, I always knew,
that somehow it would bore me.

I can't really say I'm glad,
that the life that we had planned,
didn't work out ... as mapped out,
because, I'm still your biggest fan.

But, I've moved on, beyond that pain,
of knowing flickers in the rain,
and I am happy you have too,
... I won't forget you!

by Barry Van Allen

Comments (1)

All we can really hope for with old flames, is that they bring us a warm glow, long after the relationship embers have died down. May your memories warm your heart Barry! (Oh Lord! ! did that sound too much like Hallmark Mush? ? ! !) Hugs, Dee