Chances To Reset

Chances to reset,
A negative thought process.
Come to go.
As regrets later show,
The limitations of our egos.

It takes time to grow.
To know who it is we should forgive.
And it is not who we blame.
Or claim has offended us.
It is ourselves we should forgive,
To not forget.
For allowing someone else,
Permitted to stay on our minds.
Without letting go of a foolishness.
Regardless who did what.
To move on from it.
Since no one deserves stubbornness,
To stick and hang around.
Until our minds remain sick.
Seeking to find the right medication.
To avoid but not to rid,
What we continue to put up with.

To reset a thought process,
Is the best cure to end...
Who did what when and why.
To rely on yesterday's excuses.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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