(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Chances To Take

I can not live my life,
With my eyes affixed to the past.
I can not accept to walk on paths,
Manicured and already paved...
To believe in the doing I can re-create,
An undoing done to have it perceived...
I am innovative.

Chances to take are beset with mistakes.
And understanding why excuses to make,
Are made by those fearing their lives to live...
With reasons to give more time to waste.
While seeking easier ways,
That will convince them in the doing...
Others are impressed by their efforts.

For 'whatever' the reason I can not live my life,
With my eyes affixed to the past like that.
Nor can I accept to walk on paths covered by trash,
Although manicured and already paved....
With a collection of rubbish to interpret as progress.
There is 'something' in the doing of that much too relaxed,
Many have found easy to pick through as 'their' success.
And I prefer to receive the benefits from my own initiative.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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