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Our chances in life are far and few;
It depends on the individual and that is YOU. You may be born wealthy, in poverty, or go home to a prosperous farm;
Future chances start the day you are placed in your mother's arms. Growing up you have many chances to decide what you want to be;
Doctor, lawyer, or a handyman who makes a living trimming trees. A chance of having the winning ticket in a lottery is one the average person will never see;
Believing your name will be selected in a million dollar sweepstakes is usually just a fantasy. A chance to be famous is all our dreams;
Success isn't always easy and a long time coming, it seems. Compassion for others-the strangers we meet;
If we befriend the homeless and give them a chance,
would they still be homeless and living on the street? A chance to have a good marriage, to find a good husband or wife;
Our chances will be better and better as long as we keep GOD in our life.

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