Poem Hunter
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)


Change is now,
Change is here.
You can welcome change,
Or you can fear.
You can inhale deeply,
And let the change fill you with life.
Or hold your breath,
And hope it goes away before you die.

I grew up afraid of change,
Because it made me feel so powerless.
It came unbidden,
Swept me up,
And carried me along with it.
But as I learn to yield and bend,
And trust that I am limitless,
I find that change becomes my friend,
And takes me places I have never been.

I do not fear the change,
Because I created it.
Created in the image of God,
I can trust that I wanted it.
I have chosen change because in my core,
I know that I’m not limited.
I wanted to see what I could do,
If fear and regret were not part of it.

Could I soar above the mountains high,
Or swim on the ocean floors?
Could I love with love as big as God’s?
Could I be what I adore?
Could I give all that I am,
And discover there is more?
Would I find my heart was a home,
With an always open door?

At its threshold a welcome mat,
Especially to say,
“Change, come on in.
I rejoice, that you are here today! ”

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