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For the longest time
She stood and stare in the mirror
Murmuring and cursing it ain’t fair

Even though She knew She could change nothing
She stood there
And as if she hasn’t been breathing
She inhaled deep air

A friend told her it is just because she is tired
But she said, “No, my skin just expired.”
Throwing her hands from her face
Down to her side feeling weak
Her sweet strong voice so low
As she speak.

She said this is the time I change
My beauty has reached its peak
Now it is time to go down
To look like old, gray and wrinkled

24 October,05

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Comments (3)

An outstanding poem. The last stanza is very nice. You have crafted the idea crossing over your generation! So beautiful and so touchy composition. Your intelligence and imagination is nicely bloomed here in this poem. With joy I added my 10.
Konjit, I agree very much with Charles and would like to add that your ability to structure a poem is impecable. The title is great (I find the capitalising of constanents very inventive) . I usually welcome change but only for the better. I have'nt yet come to terms with using text messaging terms in poetry('U' for 'you', etc.) but what the hell. You have managed to show that it can be incorporated into poetry (I realise that you haven't used it in this one) and to good effect. Fondest regards Denis Joe
you have touched on a profound problem of human existence in a very lovely charming poem keep up the good work