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(27 May 1899 – 29 Aug 1932 / Canada)


Poem By Raymond Knister

1 I shall not wonder more, then,
2 But I shall know.

3 Leaves change, and birds, flowers,
4 And after years are still the same.

5 The sea's breast heaves in sighs to the moon,
6 But they are moon and sea forever.

7 As in other times the trees stand tense and lonely,
8 And spread a hollow moan of other times.

9 You will be you yourself,
10 I'll find you more, not else,
11 For vintage of the woeful years.

12 The sea breathes, or broods, or loudens,
13 Is bright or is mist and the end of the world;
14 And the sea is constant to change.

15 I shall not wonder more, then,
16 But I shall know.

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Comments (7)

But i shall know! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
We all wonder and ultimately do know the mystery of life and change. A wonderful subtle poem
In change, yes there is no wondering Yes its all nature
Such a wondeful poem by Raymond Knister.....
Nicely executed on change and nature. Beautiful poem. Interesting to read.