Poem By Shikha Singh

Open your life and accept change;
Its like a flower in midst fo a mountain range.
blooming and shining unconditionally;
spreading its fragrance and hue in the valley.

Changes teach us that there is more to life,
It shows us our goals and the way to strive.
Its like a dropp of golden Sun in the darkness
Illuminating the thoughts and directing it to harness.

Accelarating and enlightening as it comes;
Failures and sucess all it sums.
Providing an intermediary betwixt past disappointments and future aspirations;
Welcoming change is the only way to reach the life's destination.

Life and its ways are truly very strange;
The key is to accept what you cannot change.

Comments about Change

Congratulation.. you write good, good thinking..some improvement is still required.. heartiest congratulation..write more and send me whenever you write.. wish you all the best. I write poems in Hindi. My poem book NIKUNJ was released last year. Kavi kulwant singh I am adding here in poemhunter also slowly you need unicode to see them online..
Hi nice poem I really liked it. Are you a frequent writer here? Please let me know.

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I've lost the ability to express
Thoughts are nothing but a jumbled mess
I am surprised at how time moulds you
I am awed at how life holds you!