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Change Begins Within

if you are grieving
you have a right to be,
it's a normal response
to the craziness you see,

but don't desert yourself
for an insane world,
when your thoughts get caught
your peace gets lost,

the greatest thing we can do
is to Be,
Ram Das said it 50 years ago-
'Be Here Now'

change begins within-
look at Ghandi,
Pope Francis
and Martin Luther King.

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Compliments and The Boy with Green Hair (USA,1948) memories.
An inspiring n uplifting write. All of us need to read such poetry. How beautifully you give the reader a simple advice without sounding didactic. Words that can heal hearts. Thanks.10
an inspirational poem of what can we be? peace and harmony begins from within each and everyone! ........wonderfully written.
The relevance of Pope Francis, Gandhi, Dr Martin Luther King II is more than ever before. We need to do away with all the violence and bloodshed wherever it is in the world. Thanks.
A little Beatles Lyrics seems appropriate. Your poem had me thinking of Hey Jude. And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain Don't carry the world upon your shoulders For well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool By making his world a little colder. History teaches us that injustice and the most vile crimes have been visited upon innocent people. To be alive and to have two eyes is to see and feel the pain but what good are we to others if we are consumed. I wrote a poem about a mountain man and how he let out a defiant victorious yell as he plunged over a waterfall. A metaphor for inevitable death. Love and laughter is a victory. I am only underlining what you expressed so well and so wisely. The greatest thing we can do is to be................so true! 10