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Change Doesn'T Need A Leader
CM Curtis Mosby (1/30/82 / baton rouge louisiana)

Change Doesn'T Need A Leader

President thier ony one I know
On my knees I give the glory to him.
In our hearts we need to grow.
One man can't change the world.
It's up to everyone that live to begin to transform before
life is no more.
A democracy as the people should decide thier needs
that the goverment seem to hide.
War is on the hands of us all why should a million soldier.
Take the orders of one man.
Violence thier is the same violence here.
Why are we sending our children to the military to die.
I blame the man that made the first gun.
I blame the generation that raise thier children to hate.
I blame adam for not obeying god.
Open your eye's this is your llife you egnore.
Untill you end up homeless and poor.
We can run this nation off of peace and love
So believe when I say.
Change doesn't need a leader.

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