NG (November 5th 1972. / Some hospital I think...can't remember...was very young at the time.)

Change In Aspirations.

When I was younger
I wanted to go out like Morrison.

Life lived at
break neck speed



Dead in Paris
at age 28.

I just want to be
Tom Waits

Sat on a porch
with a glass of wine
in my hand

And my cat's
asleep at my feet.

It's funny,

as each passing year
drags you one step
closer to death

your priorities seem

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Ah, Tom Waits.................. and Patti Smith. There is always more, so stay greedy!
I play in this band too! ! At 18 I told the girlfriend that if I wasn't dead at 50 - and I was completely certain that I would be (the alternative just wasn't on - for all the important people were peging out early, from B Jones on through Morrison, Hendrix, Joplin etc) - I'd become a racing driver (how the feck? ?) and go that way; now that I'm 52 and appear to have dicky heart, dying doesn't have quite the same appeal. Waits or Dylan or Joni would do nicely thank you. Nice one. Well written. Used less than half the words I did crowing about it! ! jim
the monotony and helplessness of life and the passing of time expressed painfully.....i enjoyed this
So True, so very, very true...Good one