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Change Is Coming On A Chill Wind

When a shift happens
sometimes its barely perceptible
but something in you knows
things are coming to a crossroads,

it is autumn in your life and
change is coming on a chill wind,
the nights are crisp and clear
and you feel alive again,

but between you and the door
a question mark
lies sprawled
across the kitchen floor.

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Another beautiful write Norah. Our lives often mirror the seasons with the sheer impermanence of everything. Some people are with us for only a short walk as both choices and changes dictate whereas others seem to be a little more of a permanent fixture during our lifetimes. Sometimes the winds of change are fundamentally felt in our bones..... other times it can be a complete bewildering surprise. I guess it would be easier or kinder to ourselves to expect change as a true certainty in this world if we are to evolve towards our true potential.
A big 10. A wonderful write. Life is full of question marks. The prospect of losing someone is indeed an autumnal experience n cuts through you like a chilly wind.
The impermanence. What depth chart is that measured on? Barely perceptible only because you are more in tune than others. Those barely perceptible things may go undetected at all by most. Some people are truly surprised. Crisp nights, the weight of the evening, as raw and real as that bite of a cold apple under an autumn canopy. The question mark sprawled looms above all.
I would copy my favorite lines from this poem and paste the here- - - - - -but then I would be pasting the entire poem here. This is just about as perfect as a poem can be written here on earth. Every single line resonated. There is an eerie quality of premonition shadowing each word, each line, each beat of this poem's heart. This is such an awesome work- starting with the alliteration and the ghostliness of the title. Norah, this should be poem of the day- -it's certainly beyond worthy of the honor. 10+++++++++++++ and a spot on my favorite list