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Change Of Passion

Looking back on the things
That I have said and done
To myself and others around me
How I pushed them to the end
Of there limits to get what I want
But you know what that was
The truth the things that I need
To hear before I went deeper and
Moved on so one when one ends
It’s just another beginning of a long
Journey to the end of my happiness
The lights flash before me to come
But I will not move I can’t
For I am frozen still to this promise
That I had made to myself I know
That I have changed my ways more than
Once but never did I see the end
I never thought I could find what I wanted
Until I changed the thing that burns my fire
The thing that matters the most to me PASSION

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a strong narrative about the journey each soul must travel and the pain and delight along the way and the secret power which allows joy to enter the soul a fine poem