' Change Of Seasons

Blustering loudly early this morning
Long before daylight's arrival,
Swishing and hissing through parted blinds
As I languished lazily behind closed eyes,
Fall made her presence known;
Like an unruly child in the woods
Snapping twigs and singing loudly,
Announcing her onslaught powerfully
So as not to go unnoticed,
Not to be unheard;
Dragging behind her a nagging chill
Also begging for attention -
Alas! Burrowing deep beneath the comforter
Failed to drown out her incessant prodding,
Stomping her foot loudly inside my head
Eventually, the message sank in.....
Summer is dead and soon to be burried
Beneath dry leaves left in the wake.
The queen of color has arrived!

by Linda Ori

Comments (2)

I like this poem a lot. Lind'a description of Autumn's arrival is right on!
I like your seasonal fall poem Linda nice one.