Change 'Premise' To 'Promise'

The premise is there,
Based upon certain assumptions...
To us given.
Although the promise to deliver,
What had been expected is missing...
It would be in our best interest,
To conclude our investigation to be complete.

'But to move forward on a premise,
Leaves what is needed left circumstantial.'

There are the same letters in the word 'premise',
As there are in 'promise'.
Exchange the 'e' for the 'o'...
And no one would ever know the difference,
If the evidence is based upon circumstances...
That concludes our investigation.
Or if assumptions accepted as proof was used.

No one would ever know,
The evidence we have collected...
Is actually inconclusive? '

No one here is attempting to prove,
We are scholars or rocket scientists.
Change 'premise' to 'promise' and that's it!
There is no need to be bogged down,
With specifics and details.
This is not that kind of case.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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