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Change Right.........
GW (June 11 1962/ / London Ontario Canada)

Change Right.........

The Autumn morn' awakes
leaves vibrantly cloth himself
taking chance upon winds
searching for new

In the journey unto
the winds of chance
each touch
then flow apart
then touch again

Yet in each touch
something new
something old
something peculiar
never the same

Each time the winds of chance
blows a leaf
from it's branch
has a dance
then takes it's prance
life has a kiss....

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Comments (4)

This is truly lovely Geoff, the leaves dancing as they fall from the trees and kiss and part, great poem, best wishes Lynda
Never the same this beauty of Autumn's dance...love the flow and ending. Hugs, Diane
A flowing dance of a piece. t x
Lovely poem of Autumn Geoff! Nicely done! Hugs, Dee