Change The World With Me

A three minute exercise
a line of people,
to tell my story
then moving along I have two
faster I speak the same words
kneading letters into time

Along the line I move
facing you with a single moment
in time, what will I share?
knowing this may be the only point
I speak these words to you

My tongue no longer able
to compress the words
my heart takes over
choosing a few short messages. Hope
for later moments to satisfy urgency

Don't go, change the world with me
I know, I know there is pain
and a world of hurt inside the skin
flowing rivers of choice
blood and sweating
the pain out
calmed by gems, by fertile earth

Don't go, now that you hear me
listen we can change the world
And if you cannot stay
I hope at least these last words
speak of love and hope and change.

by Kimberly Burnham

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