JCV (18 may 1990 / Aba, Abia stae)

Change To Chain

They have succeeded in putting those
Chains to our legs and called it change.
Is this change I see or chain in disguise?
Blindly we have answered to their calls
When the day is still young to be justified!

They have succeeded in making us dance
In the street with a chain of impurity and
Called it change to our dark minds and eyes.
Who play the fowls foul and cut their beaks?
Our hope is in pieces and peace shattered!

Aluta, aluta continua victoria Ascerta.
Our votes are trampled upon more like peels of orange from a beggar, rejected; homeless.
Aluta, aluta continua, Victoria Ascerta-
I behold our heritage marketed at a sickening price,
I am sick and worried of tomorrow's children!

When the cold night comes, we shiver and
Could not close our eyes to sleep because
The night lords are more now than before.
We have seen the change and the chain but
Chose the chain and return home seeking for change.

They have drew the chain to our feet not change
Go to the market place and see the people in chain
Not in change as they have promised before hand.
'All is well' we keep saying here and there but
That was the same prayer father said before he died
And nothing was ever well with him even in grave.

Our land is more sick than before, is that a change?
An Army of destitutes move here and there,
Band of hungry children dying here and there,
Another yell of pains echoes in the grave yards;
Is that a change or chain on our feet and arms?

We need a leader not a ruler that kill us!
We need a real change not chain on our feet!
Save our soul, save our tomorrow today!
We need transformation not a chain on our feet!
Let us come more times than the eye bats its lid.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent
Voices Of Vincent 2016

by john chizoba vincent

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