(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Change To Make It Change To Make

Change to make it change to make,
Begins with just one.
Daring to take that step made done.
And in the midst of opposition.
With obstacles and negativity to face.
That one who travels on this road alone,
Is unafraid to face fears.
With faith kept known.

Change to make it change to make.
Takes more than talk.
And walking it done to sacrifice.
Made to know the meaning of discomfort.
To listen as others sit and claim,
A change one endeavors will never be achieved.
Or realized to see received.

Since change to make it change,
To believe...
Many would rather talk it.
And not walk it.
Until that change to seek,
Is no longer sought.
But becomes the reality.
That paves the way,
For others to take.
With a far less stressful undertaking.
Eventually taken for granted!

That's what change to make it change to happen,
It seems.
To then approve it acceptable.
A normal activity and a way of life!

"I remember the struggles made,
To allow you to take your easy life to live.
Spoiled and taken for granted."

-Oh yeah?
I bet nobody had to wait in line,
As long as I had to do today.
And that was 'after' I had already ordered,
My hamburger and fries.
And THEN..
Go back and get ketchup.
You old folks have no idea what stress is.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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