'Things Remind Me'

I find myself drawn to things that remind me of him and you,
Like the sparkling stars and the big bright moon.
The twilight sun going down and the breaking of every dawn,
An old fixer-upper car and the country road it's on.
A bright orange lily on the side of the road,
A dark green shamrock within the grass that grows.
A funny comedy on the T.V. screen,
A beautiful gospel song that someone sings.
Cherry vanilla ice cream and Rocky Road,
Or someone else's Parents I don't even know.
All the wisdom in a gentleman's eyes,
All the tears as a mother cries.
A son going to his Dad for honest advice,
A Mother who takes the time to make her Daughter think twice.
A Grandma reaching out for her grandchild's hands,
A Grandpa molding his grandchild without any intentional plans.
A man who loves his wife so much he had to let go,
A woman who loves her husband so much she had to follow.
A mountain so high I can't see the top,
A sky so big and blue, it never stops.
Every miracle of God's that reminds me of your Love,
And let's me know you are together with each other,
Forever in Heaven Above! !

I miss and love you both Mom and Dad! ! ! !

Your Loving Daughter..

by Jean Evans

Comments (5)

Acsept every second. The clock is not ticking for you only.
very interesting poem as it projects changes that could be difficult to happen...yes we can change I some degree
A simple poem with a deep soul
Such a tumult of truth - change is surely all we know.
A fine memorial of a great lady.