Poem Hunter
ET (2nd of october (1992) / Ecuador)


y does everything have 2 change?
y cant everything stay the same?
how come we were friends 2day and
the next 1 enemies
now u find me boring
b4 u found me hilarious
now u moved from coutry and left me here
im just writing
and u only keep saying ur bussy
wut happened to the old times?
when nothing mattered and
we only cared to have fun?
all this changes r really bad
all this changes make me feel
cold inside
y cant we b the same 4ever?
wuts the point of changing if after some years u
will die and all those changes
were 4 nothing
coz they ARE 4 nothing
now u ignore me
now u find everything as weird
i myself dont feel the same
y cant we all stay the same? !


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