OL ( / Hyde, Cheshire, UK)


Three little men with bowlers and cases
Set out one day for green distant places.
With clipboards, measures and various maps
They travelled up North- such serious chaps
The weather was lovely - the scenery superb
As they gazed at the landscrape with scarely
a word.
A beautiful village soon came into view
They surveyed it in silence - they knew what to do.
With plenty of scribbling - and furrow of brow
It was soon marked down as a satelite town.
Next came a farm - the fields full of hay
Wisely they nodded - that's the new motorway.
Looking across a flower-strewn vale- decided that
there they just couldn't fail.
A hundred tall flats - a beautiful sight.
And a nuclear power station- over there to the right.
Many more places went down on their list,
there weren't very many that thry could have missed.
Back at the office thry sorted it out,
Meetings were held - decisions were made.
Plans drawn, and photos pinned up on display.
No chance for the wild life, the birds and the flowers,
They'd all be swallowed up by those great concrete towers.
No view of our heritage- no beautiful vale.
Just miles of spaghetti with care nose to tail.
Not much of a prospect - a developer's scheme.
I woke up at least - was it only a dream.

by Olive Lumb

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