Imagination rings,
bringing up past memories,
when i had nothing but a touch,
and everything i feared,
went away to the seconds,
the days when my heart could sing,
and the strength i had to face anything,
the illusions and the hallucinations,
from a cruel world to a new world,
from the school yard to the jail yard,
from the good to the bad,
and bad to the worst,

The storms that by the years have passed me by,
the dark cloudy nights that turned into these beautiful skies,
the tears my eyes let go are now dissolved by the laughter,
the pain and emptiness became full of happiness,
the bright colors of a beautiful painting that bring out the wonders
of life and the things it brings my way,

The changes that have made me who i am now,
the possibilities in life i must achieve,
the breaths of air i have yet to consume,
the changes that decide my future and how i live it,
the changes based on ma decisions,
the changes made by ma actions,
are the changes that i reach to the sky for,
and the changes that will make ma life something to die for!

by Yolaine Viera

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