IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Changes Are Natural

The perfect English summer day.
Is very seldom seen today
When skies are blue and clouds are few.
Although I know they used to do.

Long ago when I was small
They often came I can recall.
Playing in the summer sun
with my friends just having fun.

Though nowadays we see more rain
For reasons that I can't explain.
Although the experts say they can
They firmly place the blame on man.

Personally I cannot agree.
Changes happen naturally.
Although my views may seem perverse
I do believe the universe.

Dictates the pace of climate change.
When it decides to rearrange.
The patterns we have been used to
There's very little we can do.

We have no choice but to accept.
We do not know what to expect.
The universe has power to
Do precisely as it wants to do.

Climate changes in the past.
Have come and gone they did not last.
The human race is not to blame
We're minor players in the game.

Looking back at history
It seems quite obvious to me.
We lack the power to reverse
Decisions of the universe.

Long before man came on the scene.
We know quite well that there have been.
Climatic changes now and then.
The experts need to think again.

But experts are reluctant to
accept they need to change their view.
They can't face the reality.
That changes happen naturally.

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