I think I finally did it

accomplished what I have always needed to do

I'm not saying that I regret what I've done

but I've always known its time to move foreward

I can't go on fooling around

knowing he wants me to be his bootay call

I want to be friends, well hope to be friends

friends that are there for each other

through thick and thin not in sexual ways

When I was with him I was always quiet and submissive

I never communicated what I wanted or what I didn't want

I didn't want to show him that I really wanted it

Finally I turned everything around

I told him that I wanted him, told him what he was to do to me

this has finally worked for me

he thinks oh crap she really does want me

I think I scared him, wondering what he should do

I just want to show him his marriage should be important to him

not spend his time playing around with me.

Things seem to be changing, I think for the better

if it means I won't see him, in order to do what is right

I will do what it takes, cause I need to make this right

by Mowie DeCorp

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