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Changing Course

Changing Course

All of who I was, I watched it disinigrate before my eyes
As infatuation became justification, which gave birth to this world of lies.
This tangled web of lies is getting harder to uphold,
I had no idea how this would all unfold.
I said so many things, meaning them all.
Cast in doubt, now wondering if I should've said them at all.
I thought I had the strength to pull through this divide,
I thought I could endure to see you on the other side.
But now I've realized that this was all by design,
Our separation was deemed by the Divine.
Now here lies a door for me walk through,
That will take me towards something new.
And alas I look back, hesitating, unsure.
For me, the past has always held a certain allure.
Shaking my head, hoping to shake my thoughts away,
I turn and walk through the door, knowing there's nothing left to say.

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