Changing Jobs

You said you're going to move,
Starting a new job,
I didn't comment,
But I do wish you well.

The thought of your leaving,
Is like a knife in my heart,
I cannot say I'll miss you,
Even if it's breaking my heart.

Don't want to sound needy,
Don't wish you to think me bad,
Or trying to hold you back,
It's just hard for me to miss you,
I hurts too bad.

I always knew, it would come to this,
One day,
I never thought the day would be near,
I won't bear it if I lose you,
But lose you, I will.

Work is so engrossing,
You will not keep in touch,
Working together,
Even now,
It's hard,
To keep in touch.

I wish to speak but cannot cope,
With telling you I'll miss you,
My heart is breaking,
I can't bear to see you go,
I wish to say it,
But you'll think me weak.

I'm writing it down,
Who knows I might send it,
Then if you do think me weak,
I won't hear it in your voice,
Spare me that irritation,
You'll feel.

I wish you well,
And all you wish for.

I'm not going to say it,
But I'll write it down,
Hope you'll keep in touch,
I wish it so much.

by Holly Moon

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