A Simile

What did we say to each other
that now we are as the deer
who walk in single file
with heads high
with ears forward
with eyes watchful
with hooves always placed on firm ground
in whose limbs there is latent flight

by Navarre Scott Momaday

Comments (3)

Lisa, if I could I would give 1000 for this rare and sensitive piece. In my other hobby we sponsor a charity called T.R.E.E.S. who look after mentally disabled people. Over the years I have made friends with quite a few of these people. So I know first hand what your poem is aimed at. It is beautifully worded and I hope that a lot of people read it and get the message it conveys. I may only be able to give it 10, but deserves more. Thanks you for sharing it my friend. David
.. Lisa, you deserve 10 points just for the title itself and another 10 for the poem! I love the harmony this title has with your poetic words. Judgemental, fault-finding and discriminating people still exist, around each corner, but acceptance of the once-dubbed-taboo is much more prevalent in today's world. Deanna ..
Amen to that, yes back then you did get in trouble for having a baby out of wedlock, now baby are having babys and nothing is getting don e about that.