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City Scenery (Toronto Journal, 2009)

Winter has been passed
the poncirus in my heart is meaningful
I'm looking the spring back to me
with a clean maple it is willful
One after another the blooming of the peony
I'm looking the daisy come and go careful
A stream is around hills with green wave through the CN Tower
In front of the window the city scenery I'm looking purposeful
I'm telling a secrecy feeling to my co-worker
a dream coming from poncirus with citrus is wonderful

July4, 2009 Hormish Garden of Toronto 7: 00 to 9: 00am

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An exquisite piece of poetry….a smart attempt and extraordinary effort, thank you for sharing.
Poetic excellence - forceful, mystical, real, existential - this one has it all. Great writing.
wow this is a great sbstract piece I really, really enjoyed thisone thank you for sharing.
Great piece of writing.
Wow, this poem is so deep and good. I'll probably have to reread it a few hundred times just to snare a thread of it's meaning. By the way, This poem is very good. A mere ten for this write. Another twenty for your bio. Talent you've got alot. God bless and best regards-Michael Jeffrey Gale.
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