Changing The Picture.

Poem By LaSoaphia QuXazs

As we grow older we should become wiser,
But our bodies are aging without stopper.
However, all the time we should love our bodies,
Because what we are, we made it with our theories.

What we think or say never goes anywhere,
Comes back to us, we are what is there.
That is the reason for the wisdom to heed,
Keep mind focused on the best quality of thoughts as a seed.

What you think that is what you are,
Do not put yourself between a negative bar.
When love, peace, contentment & kindness is the way,
Nothing will bother you, you'll have happiness every day.

Comments about Changing The Picture.

another well written poem rich in meaning and a guiding light to every individuals..........great write.
Love, peace and contentment. That says it all. A very inspirational poem, LsAoaphia. Beautifully done.
a very beautiful poem, well composed, great piece of work, I like it……….keep sharing,

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