Changing The World?

The World is made
Of fools and fright,
Changing the World
Such fool's delight,
We travel vast,
We travel far
And yet things stay
The way they are.
So very technically advanced
But Evil still holds Evil's trance,
We hope to be invincible and strong
But seem to worship all that's wrong,
Never redeeming Love's sweet song.
We hate, destroy and persecute,
Yet, Cavemen live inside each brute,
Remaining, true to our first roots.

by Sandra Feldman

Comments (1)

Sounds like you recommend the movie, Sandra, so I shall try to see it. So far I have only found one movie that equaled the power and atmospheric setting and compassion of a book- -To Kill A Mockingbird. I hope Don Quixote does the same. Now your poem- -+true Sandra Feldman to the core! So your heart, so your soul- every thing that makes your poetry so meaningful and heartfelt, 10+ of course