Changing Times

It wasn't very long ago, I felt you standing near.
Now as I look about, I find you are no longer here.
I wonder what has happened? Whaere did those feelings go?
I can't explain the way I feel. Just once I loved you, so.
It isn't that my Love has gone. Still I can't hold a shadow.
If you ever really cared, why do I feel so shallow?
We can't return to yesterday. We never will recapture,
The way you Looked and held my hand. The way I was enraptured.
I wonder did you ever Love, ever care for me?
I wonder will I find my place, or just pretend tobe?
In the Little while that we have been, you tell me I have grown.
And so, ,my friend, you'll understand, it's time I'm on my own.

by Marilyn Kenul

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