Love For Kristin Davis

Life is dull or ordinary
Until it's touched by love
For then we soar on Angels wings
Beyond the stars above

Love changes how I view my world
And how I act and feel
And those whose hearts are broken
Discover they can heal

I'm touched by love in many ways
By friends and family
And now and then by strangers
And acts of charity

Love is the key ingredient
In the recipe of life
When Kristin touches me with love
I conquer fear and strife

I love her like no other
That I have ever known
Over the past few months
How much! ! Our love has grown! !

Love heals the pain that can break hearts
When sorrow comes my way
And gives me hope to carry on
And fight another day

by George Harrison

Comments (3)

today ... march 19, 2016 the first day of spring i revisit chansons innocentes each year on this day what a magical whimsical delight
One of the greatest poems in recent times on the subject of Spring, renewal and its mythological connections. The 'goat footed' is obviously a reference to pan - and all the associated power of nature (nothing devilish at all!) . What energy in the children (the Springtime of humankind) . What a wonderful idea to link the deep mythological past with dancing youth.
It's obvious that the balloonman is a Satanic figure, because of the goat feet. I never thought about him being a pedophile, but that makes perfect sense. I always just had the impression of this evil little man luring the children away.