IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Chaos Rules For Friend Thad

The Dragoness last of her race.
Lies somnolent beneath the sun,
there will be none to take her place.
Remembering her youth long gone.

Three thousand years of life she’s seen.
The Dragons are a long lived race.
She can recall when there had been
a world of peace, a perfect place.

But upstart monkeys, protomen.
A warlike and fast breeding race
which quickly and grew again.
Usurped the Dragons living space.

They forced the Dragons to withdraw
from where they’d lived for centuries.
But still the men demanded more
of the fertile territories.

Though Dragons were more powerful.
By nature peaceably inclined
did not resist as usual
and this encouraged humankind.

To spread across each continent
and keep the Dragons in retreat.
Their numbers grew incontinent.
The Dragon race could not compete.

The Dragons rule brought to a close
The age of peace on earth was gone
simply because the dragons chose
not to resist.Should they have done?

That is the question in her mind
as she waits patiently to die.
The last survivor of her kind
She asks but she gets no reply.

The human race now rules supreme.
Rather a doubtful victory
A night mare fashioned from a dream
for man is mans worst enemy.


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Comments (3)

Hi Ivor! ! A most splendid read indeed! ! A mesmerizing poem & story... Best regards! ! *10plus* ! ! Friend Thad
I love this story Ivor, a gentle nature is never equiped for battle. yet many species are lost to brute force. sorry I could, nt figure the third line of the third verse (which quickly and grew again.) but well worth a 10 Loved it. Ann
This is an immensely deep and powerful piece of poetry that benefits from being read over and over again, each time getting better than the last - Wonderful write! Take Care - Neil.