Chaotic Explosions

World at war
Families falling apart
Everything is at a stand still
Not one heart is beating
Well that's what we would like to think
Tryant wanting your sons and daughters for no cause
News flash over one million people are killed each year, but he doesn't care it's his job
Children forced into foster care
Cause mommy and daddy aren't there
They're too busy gettin high
While their children are dying or starvation
This world is a chaotic explosion
Everyday children are being beaten by their own father, but not one expects it cause he's a cop
Drunk off his ass thinking it's going to solve hos problems
This world is corrupted
Feeding off hate and anger
Peace is never going to come
No matter how much people want it
The only peace you're going to have is in your mind
Can't sleep everything is going through your head
Can anyone give me an answer,
Or am i going to have to look for it


by Brandi Young

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