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Chaotic Race
(1926 / Prescott, Arizona)

Chaotic Race

Poem By Franklin J. Warren

There are no connective threads running through,
The human race and what they do,
Each has to manage on their own,
Never realizing that they are a pawn!

To a hierarchy of business and politics,
That control money and where it sticks,
And down that descending ladder,
At the bottom there's nothing sadder.

Than the endless lines of homeless,
Opting out of the mercenary mess,
Some cannot help it,
Others want it!

Then on the opposite end the power sits,
And cannot be bothered by social pits,
Because of those with brain not wired right,
And can never be considered erudite!

So we have all the levels of intellect,
Which in most cases are circumspect,
With insidious lack of integrity,
They flaunt their causes for all to see!

The religious groups are the worst of all,
They will kill you just to see you fall,
All in the name of some stupid belief system,
Which any thinking person would condemn!

The political scene is next in line,
Power is the key else they whine,
And do any underhanded thing to win,
Nothing to them is a sin!

All the different things to make a living,
Most are hard and not forgiving,
So each eke out what they can,
To buy the food the body demands.

A race that puts games above most things,
is less than bright and deserve what it brings,
The blank staring eyes and wasted emotion,
Of a generation addicted to a games commotion!

The parasitic behavior of some of the human race,
is so abominable it's hard to face,
That they are society's progeny,
And should be removed from society!

But then there are the lawyers that come to fore,
To protect the parasitic core,
Of all the criminal groups that abound,
And makes our justice system a merry-go-round!

To their minds regardless of wrong headed thinking,
Criminals are to be kept from sinking,
into the prison life where they should be,
Hell No! They want them to be free!

Free to rob and kill the innocent again,
And be again on that circle train,
Of the judicial circus that let's them go free,
So all in the system can collect their fee!

The Supreme Court of our land,
Has its collective head in the sand,
Or another place i will not mention,
But they sure do cause dissension!

Our collective governing bodies lack common sense,
And their solutions are quite dense,
From brains that are supposed to be,
Erudite with integrity!

instead they go back through old law books so outdated,
That their decisions finally are far overrated,
And the stupidity that prevailed in the past,
Become the present to last and last!

We have had no leader with the brains to see,
That a global attitude towards survival needs to be,
Somewhere within it's hierarchy,
For from this world, we cannot at this time flee!

Our Congress and Senate with their childish behavior,
Remind me of marbles and children on the floor,
Arguing over the most minute' things,
And unleashing small and childish stings!

Any mature person would look and gasp,
At seeing the tiny character behind the mask,
That should be looking out for the benefit of all,
Looks out for only himself and that takes stupidity and gall!

Most are so stupid that they do not know they are stupid,
And so it will always be their id,
That they are beyond reproach,
When most view them as a roach!

When we have a group so corrupt and obscene,
That they need the word "Honorable" as a screen,
To have the general public think it's true,
When in truth it's the general public they wish to screw!

They think all the public is obtuse,
That they will not see a ruse,
That they generate to bring them an illegal buck,
And they know that with them for four years we're stuck!

Yet i suppose if they were honest they would lose,
For then all could see their real views,
And all the good they might do, would be lost,
For no one would vote for them regardless of cost!

One life is all there is for each of us to live,
Who would wish for a deity to give,
Us shot at another life on this earth?
This ludicrous thought fills me with mirth!

Because there are no deities!

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