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Chapter 1 (Guitar Man Series)
LMG (May 12,1991, / Aurora)

Chapter 1 (Guitar Man Series)

Long, slender, magical.
Black, white, musical.

Volume, bass, treble.
Playing so loud,
and getting in trouble.

The feeling you feel,
when you're breaking open the cage.
The rush you get
When you're playing on stage.

The applause you recieve,
at the end.
The teenagers screaming encore,
what vibes they send.
One last song, you give to them.

There's an after party
after the show.
You want to hang with your band,
so you say no.
Unseen, you leave with your band,
it's on the down low.

Down on the dock,
all four of you hang out.
Half of them with beers,
the others, wearing a pout.
The band is splitting up,
you want to know why.
This was your dream,
you're starting to cry.

This is your life,
what are you going to do?
You have no band,
what do you have to lose?
You pack your things,
You have a life to choose.
You're not just going to sit here,
and waste your life away with booze.

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