Chapter 1

Poem By Gabrielle Shutt

In the beginning there was you.

You were the sun and the moon.

Windswept beaches and ancient mountains.

All that mattered and all encompassing.

You were everything.

But that was long ago.

Before school days and dances.

Before friends and lovers.

Graduation and apartments.

Self realization and actuation.

Midterms and forty hour work weeks.

The constellations took the form of my kindred.

Time grew ever shorter and my work week ever longer.

I shielded myself from your sun,

Ran from your incoming storm.

A torrent of tears by a phone that rings too seldom.

I prayed for the stars to dance all night during the blue moon.

And awoke missing the smell of salt water,

The silence of a mountain camp,

And the warmth of the sun.

Comments about Chapter 1

A poem simply too beautiful. Gabrielle you are a real good poet. Keep writing. Peace.

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