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Chapter 2 (Guitar Man Series)
LMG (May 12,1991, / Aurora)

Chapter 2 (Guitar Man Series)

Plug the guitar up,
lets make some noise.
Not caring what anyone else thinks,
lets hear the voice.

He sings with pain,
like he's dancing with the devil,
He sings with pain,
like he's lost the last level.

He says his band split up before,
and tells his story straight,
with his life, he wants to do more,
and just doesn't want to waste away.

He sings about his life, his previous years,
leading up to this moment,
forgetting about his most precious fears,
like the band that left before,
that moment will never come, won't even be near.

His passion is his life,
and his life is for music,
ever since he was four,
he has held the magical pick.

This pick makes his music,
and the music strums out of his guitar,
It surrounds his supporting fans,
and makes them go bizzare.

They dance with the beat,
with girls in their arms,
moving their feet,
forgetting about the world's harm.

This talented man that's up on stage,
This is his life, with his band.
This life will go on forever,
Not because it can't, but because it can.

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